Decision Time

It’s decision time.

As those of you who follow my blog know, I have been putting off announcing this year’s cycling destination. Two reasons:

  1. The trip I chose wasn’t confirmed.
  2. It was to Cambodia, so I wanted to wait until it was confirmed before having my parents worry about my going on a trip that might not happen. My parents read my blog, so I stayed quiet.

Well, today I found out that the trip didn’t make, so my options are open again. No problem. There are two cycling trips that are really tempting me.

First, Venice-Dubrovnik. You can blame this one on The Historian. The Adriatic coast of  what was then Yugoslavia figures large in this novel, and it always makes me want to go there–and to Romania! Plus one of my companions on the France ride last year is doing the trip. Two others are riding London-Venice and will be rolling into Venice around the time that the Venice-Dubrovnik trip takes off.

And I’ve never been to Venice. Or Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik, courtesy of lovincat, Flickr Creative Commons.

The drawback of the trip (yes, there is one) is its speed. Only eight days, with daily mileages between 60 and 80 miles. Not a lot of time to take pictures, explore villages, or hunt vampires (read the book).

The other tempting trip is a bit closer to home, but no less interesting. This one is a week-long trip on Prince Edward Island–up there in eastern Canada, tucked in between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. And yes, famously the setting of Anne of Green Gables.


Prince Edward Island, courtesy of Douglas Sprott, Flickr Creative Commons.

As opposed the Venice-Dubrovnik, this trip is much more leisurely, with the longest day a mere 41 miles, and a kayaking trip and other cultural explorations thrown in. Plus, it would be an opportunity to check out Cape Breton Island as well, for obvious reasons. Going north tempts me because it would be cool up there, and I much prefer riding in cool weather than the heat.

Hmmmm. How to decide?

It reminds me of a quotation I saw recently, I can’t remember where, or who said it, but here it is:

“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not sure.”







8 responses to “Decision Time

  1. Take the leisurely trek! Breathe. Photograph. Dip into the culture. Flying is always an option; but breathing is a rare gift.

  2. Carolyn Tharp

    Prince Edward Island – so you can enjoy more than breakneck bicycling…

  3. Marie Bothamley

    Oh go to Canada eh! I’m jealous as I haven’t been there yet and it’s on my bucket list! Enjoy and take tons of pictures.

    • Helen Robertson

      We should plan a trip, I would still love to tour with you. The TransCanada Trail looks great, especially in the maritimes. Turns out the PEI tour was full and they hadn’t updated the website.

  4. Nick and I will be in Halifax early-mid August…if you’ll be making the trip then. Otherwise…choose it anyway! The weather will be PERFECT!

    • Helen Robertson

      Oh, it would be great to connect with you guys there! The trip would have been September–found out it was already full and the company just hadn’t updated their website. I am playing with the idea of just doing my own tour, as the TransCanada Trail is good cycling. Not sure I can get away from work in August though….

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