And…She (or He) is Back

Just a week ago I posted about finding a new turtle trying to dig its way under my gate. And I speculated that I might never see that turtle again, as turtles are wanderers, and who knew where this turtle was headed.

Well, I sure called that one wrong! This morning, the same turtle (you can tell by its battered shell) was at my patio door, looking for all the world like it wanted to come inside.


Ummm…hello? Anyone home?

Of course I quickly gathered some treats for it and took them outside, at which point she (or he) turned tail and ran. Nonetheless, I left the food and went back inside. Soon I was rewarded with a cautious return and a dive into the cherry tomatoes and banana slices I’d put out.

Because this turtle is so timid, I let it eat in peace. After it was done, though, I slipped back outside and settled myself in one place with my camera.

At first, she (looks like a she here!) just peered at me from her hiding place. With banana on her nose.



Then she decided that even though I wasn’t moving, I was too close, and took off.


Turtle on the run.

And finally, an escape into the yard.


Up up and away.

So who knows? Maybe I will be seeing more of this turtle! It has been so warm here that they are still active. On a bike ride a couple days ago, we came across four turtles crossing the roads in various places. That’s unheard of for October. In fact, some local meteorologists are saying this could be the year without winter. Which would throw off a lot of things, including hibernation schedules.

Guess I better stock up on turtle food.

8 responses to “And…She (or He) is Back

  1. No winter? That would mean no wine! Quelle horror!

  2. Ha! you are probably the only one in Norman buying tomatoes and bananas for wild turtles in their yard. So what I want to know is how did the new turtle know to come to your door for food? Interesting. I have a story for you–the other day my friend went to fill up her birdbath and there inside was a tiny turtle about 2″ around. She thought how in the world did this turtle get inside my birdbath and finally figured out that a passing bird must have dropped it there by mistake….so she brought the turtle inside and put it in a small box on her dining room table to show her hubby when he got off work. when she went to check on the turtle, it was gone! Completely gone! She looked everywhere and it was no where to be seen. A week later, she found it under a piece of carpet by her back door (she had looked there and it wasn’t there earlier) and it looked half-dead. So she and her hubby took it to a nearby creek and let it out. Fingers crossed that it lived.

    • What a great story, Darleen! Hope that little turtle made it. I do not know if the turtles here actually associate my back door with food, or are simply curious. When I go out, they run away! Except Prince, of course. And fortunately, my tomato plants are still producing, so plenty of those to go around.

  3. What kind of turtle is it? What is his/her name?

  4. Had a good friend who was known as Banana Nose. Left this life a few years back. Reincarnation?

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