As noted in other posts, I became obsessed with Malabrigo Rasta yarn this summer, and set out to make 30 beanies from 30 different colorways. I designed a hat pattern specifically for this purpose, and off I went.

I posted the resulting beanies on Instagram and Facebook, and to my astonishment, people wanted to buy them. Which was great, because what was I going to do with them? Have 30 mood beanies?

I’d considered an art exhibit because they are so lovely, but then half the earnings would go to the gallery, which would mean I’d have to charge more money. And for a beanie, they were already expensive. The yarn alone costs $22-26 per skein…and one skein makes one beanie. Because the yarn is dyed in batches of five, every skein is a little bit different, which makes every one of these beanies one of a kind.

So the beanies are for sale here, and you can email me if you are interested–helen (at) helenonwheels (dot) com. My asking price is $50, plus $7 shipping if required (USPS Priority Mail). All beanies are 100% merino wool. Wash by hand, using a delicate detergent in cold water, and dry flat.

Proceeds will fund my goal of bicycling the TransCanada Trail  from east to west–in pieces, because I’m not retired yet.

Thank you for your interest!!