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Sort of a Quiet Summer

It’s been sort of a quiet summer here. The roads were all torn up, the university students were gone, and football season was over. Now it’s September, and that’s all changed. Except the roads. They are still all torn up.

I kept meaning to blog, but my travel plans kept changing. Work has been busy as well, which means that after a long day spent staring at a computer for work, the last thing I wanted to do was sit and stare at another computer to blog. Turtlecam took a break, as the backyard turtle scene has been quiet, with only one regular visitor this summer.

He (or she!) is a cutie, though!

Here is what happened, trip-wise.

Originally I was signed up for two bicycling trips: one in June, to Italy, and the second in October, in New England. The Italy trip was cancelled because of earthquake damage, and the second trip didn’t make. I went ahead and signed up for an end-to-end trip through Portugal to replace the New England trip, and settled in for meeting some big work deadlines at the end of June.

Then I got an email from a friend who, along with her husband, crews on yachts. The boat they were working on was in Bermuda for the American’s Cup, and they needed a fourth crew member in July to help sail the boat from Bermuda to St. Martin. Did I want to join them?

Of course I did. Not only are they two of my favorite people on the planet, but how could I turn down visiting Bermuda and sailing along the Bermuda Triangle to St. Martin? I withdrew from the Portugal trip and bought my ticket to Bermuda.

And that trip was great. I didn’t blog it because WIFI can be sketchy on board, and you definitely don’t get it out in the Atlantic Ocean. But I will be writing a few posts about the trip in the next couple of weeks to make up for that.

The other distraction this summer is an obsession I’ve developed with a particular yarn—Malabrigo Rasta—and turning said yarn into beanies. The yarn is super chunky, super soft, warm, and a dream to knit with. It is also hand-dyed in batches of five. This makes the colorways unique and always lovely. You never make the same beanie twice, even if you use the same colorway.

Here’s an example with one of my favorite colorways, Arco Iris.

This is one of the first beanies I made, and I made it for myself. When friends kept grabbing it off my head and putting it on their own, I decided to make more. I considered making a beanie in every colorway, but there are 46 of them, and the yarn is pricey. So I settled on 30 beanies, and have been knitting away on them ever since.

This beanie is Beanie No. 21 in that series…and the same colorway, Arco Iris, as the beanie above.

Wild, isn’t it?! Such variation is great for making a single item from one skein, but not so good if you want to make something that requires several skeins.

I also learned how to make fingerless gloves this summer—here is my friend Carolyn modeling the pair I made for her.

It made me very happy that she put them on as soon as I gave them to her, and was still wearing them when I left. In Oklahoma, at the end of summer! Hopefully it will get cold enough this winter for them to be useful.

That’s my quiet summer. More on Bermuda, the passage, St. Martin, and the beanies in future posts. Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend!