LE-JOG 2013

These maps cover my end-to-end ride across Britain in September 2013.

End-to-end means starting from the south-westernmost point of the UK–Land’s End (LE), Cornwall–and riding to the north-easternmost point–John O’Groats (JOG), Scotland (see the maps). Though traditionally walked or bicycled, the end-to-end route has also been traversed by skateboard, wheelchair, public transportation, unicycle, horse, and any other number of conveyances. I did my trip with Bike Adventures, a UK company that specializes in end-to-end bicycle trips (among many other amazing trips).

When I told my little brother that I’d be riding an average of 50-60 miles a day, he asked, horrified, “And that sounds fun to you?!”

Yeah. It does. If it sounds fun to you, too, enjoy reading about this trip!

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