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First Turtle

Today marks the occasion of the first turtle spotted in my yard this year.

Let’s see…last year, the first sighting was also in April, so it is turtle time! Today’s sighting was a déjà vu all over again moment, as the turtle was at my back gate, trying to dig its way under. Rather than build a wall, I let it in.

I think this is the same turtle I posted about late last fall, judging from the battered shell and the spot of red on its neck.

And the timidity. Whenever I moved the camera, the head ducked back inside the shell. Here is a shot of the late-season visitor from last year:

What do you think? Same turtle? I think it is–look at the white markings on the shell, and the pointy edge of the shell by its tail. Which means that somehow, it got out of my backyard, in spite of the chainlink fence…and found its way back to my gate this spring. Interesting!

Turtles seem to have really good memories, and don’t need global positioning systems or cell phones to find the places where they want to go.

Time for me to keep my eyes peeled for more turtles, and start stocking up on fresh strawberries!

Why I Marched

People keep asking me why I marched in the Women’s March in Oklahoma City on January 21, 2017. This question always takes me by surprise, as the answer is obvious to me.

I marched because Trump is wrong.  I marched because I wanted to stand up and be counted with the millions of others who also think he is wrong.

It’s that simple.

Sure, there are people who support Trump. They whine and complain about protesters as if people marching with signs are un-American, as if they don’t live in a country where the very first amendment to the Constitution was the right to free speech. They are fine with that right being taken away, fine with Trump calling free speech “foolish,” fine with protesters being arrested for the mere act of protesting.

Like I said: wrong.

Many of the people who have asked me why I marched asked it as if I should be ashamed. They think protesters should “just shut up and accept it”—as if doing so is a good thing, as if uncritical acceptance of the status quo isn’t the very thing that makes tyranny possible.

Not to mention that if women throughout history had simply shut up and accepted it, we’d still be stuck in the 1870s, when “ … women could not own property, could not sign contracts, could not vote, file law suits, nor have their own money. Under their father’s roof, he had control and that control was passed to her husband upon marriage. A woman running away from violent domestic abuse was hunted down by the law and returned to her husband as she was his property.

Maybe some women want to return to those days. Either that, or they are so ignorant of their own history that they do not know that the rights they enjoy today had to be fought for–and that women marched in the streets to win them. Then, as now, men—and some women—belittled those who dared to march. That sorry tradition continues: the worldwide marches on January 21st scared some men so badly that they resorted to the oldest tried-and-true method men use to diminish women: they called us fat.

Seriously? The supporters of Trump, who is himself a singularly unattractive individual, wrote off the concerns of millions of people united in protest by dismissing them as “fat.”


Then there was this Facebook status posted by a city councilor in Carlsbad, New Mexico, who is obviously unable to stand the idea of women as anything other than slaves to men:

To which I say…

So I am proud to have marched. I’m proud to have stood up against sexist attitudes towards women–attitudes, I might add, the president shares. I’m proud to stand against state legislators who propose legislation based on the premises that pregnant women are nothing but “hosts” with no rights of their own, that doctors have the right to withhold the status of a fetus from pregnant women, and that rape and incest are “the will of God.

I have no desire to return to the legal status of women in the 1870s. Call me progressive: I want society to move forward, not backward. I want a world in which my nieces won’t have to  protest this same old shit.

That’s why I marched.

And…She (or He) is Back

Just a week ago I posted about finding a new turtle trying to dig its way under my gate. And I speculated that I might never see that turtle again, as turtles are wanderers, and who knew where this turtle was headed.

Well, I sure called that one wrong! This morning, the same turtle (you can tell by its battered shell) was at my patio door, looking for all the world like it wanted to come inside.


Ummm…hello? Anyone home?

Of course I quickly gathered some treats for it and took them outside, at which point she (or he) turned tail and ran. Nonetheless, I left the food and went back inside. Soon I was rewarded with a cautious return and a dive into the cherry tomatoes and banana slices I’d put out.

Because this turtle is so timid, I let it eat in peace. After it was done, though, I slipped back outside and settled myself in one place with my camera.

At first, she (looks like a she here!) just peered at me from her hiding place. With banana on her nose.



Then she decided that even though I wasn’t moving, I was too close, and took off.


Turtle on the run.

And finally, an escape into the yard.


Up up and away.

So who knows? Maybe I will be seeing more of this turtle! It has been so warm here that they are still active. On a bike ride a couple days ago, we came across four turtles crossing the roads in various places. That’s unheard of for October. In fact, some local meteorologists are saying this could be the year without winter. Which would throw off a lot of things, including hibernation schedules.

Guess I better stock up on turtle food.

At the Sign of the Turtle

The name of my house is going to have to change from the Turtle Café to The Sign of the Turtle, because somehow, another turtle showed up yesterday afternoon. It was trying to dig its way under my gate, which is impossible, as all that’s under the gate is a concrete walk.

But how did that turtle know to come here? The situation struck me as odd. Just two years ago, my gate is where Hissy Pissy turned up–in exactly the same place, doing exactly the same thing (except a cat was also harassing him).

It makes me think that turtles, like hobos during the Depression, have left some kind of sign identifying my backyard as a turtle-friendly zone.

I am partial to the symbol of a cat representing a “kindhearted lady,” but I imagine my backyard is marked with some kind of turtle sign meaning “good for a handout.”

Or something.

Not one to turn away a desperate turtle, I opened the gate and welcomed it into the monkey grass forest. There was no hissing, but much haste to disappear into the grass. I managed to catch a picture:


Battered turtle seeks refuge…

You can see this turtle has had it rough–the edges of its shell have been hacked off in some places, probably by people with weed eaters who never noticed the turtle. Invisibility is, as I have noted before, their superpower, and mow-and-blow lawn crews are not noted for their powers of observation.

I may never see this turtle again–it depends on where it is going. One thing I have learned about turtles is that they have territories. If they are moved, they make their way back to them. So this turtle could be trying to get back to its original territory, or it could be looking for a new home after the destruction of its original habitat.

Impossible to know.

In any case, I am thawing out some blueberries and strawberries for it, in case it sticks around. And of course, I totally recommended my backyard to it for hibernation.

Turtles Go Bye-Bye

It’s the time of year when my turtle friends in the backyard bid a final farewell and vanish. Cold-blooded reptiles that they are, when it gets chilly they bury themselves in the sandy soil or a pile of leaves, and hibernate for the winter. Being a gardener–and one of those people who sneaks around picking up bags of leaves from other peoples’ yards–I do my best to keep my yard hibernation-friendly, with lots of leaves for mulch and turtle cover.

Prince says "bye-bye" for the season.

Prince says “bye-bye” for the season.

Because I slacked off yet again with my blog–but not with my photography–I thought I would do a final turtle cam post with some of this images I’ve collected but not yet shared. Of course, Prince looms large…

Summer bliss. Of course it's Prince.

Summer bliss. Of course it’s Prince.

Kind of the epitome of summer, is he not?

Prince chowing down.

Prince chowing down.

And then I caught this one of Shy Girl, climbing the edging to get at whatever treats were out that day. It almost made me change her name to Determined Girl:

Shy Girl climbing over the edging to get to the turtle snacks.

Shy Girl climbing over the edging to get to the turtle snacks.

The discovery of September was this guy, who I thought was Hissy Pissy, even though he acted even more suspicious than Hissy Pissy usually does:

The Hissy Pissy doppelgänger who needs a name.

The Hissy Pissy doppelgänger who needs a name.

But a few days later, I came across Hissy Pissy hanging out with Shy Girl, and the other guy–Doppelgänger–flipped over onto his back! So I turned him right side up, put him in the shade, and immediately researched the whole flipping thing. Apparently, when male turtles battle for mates or territory, flipping the opponent is part of the strategy. And oftentimes, turtles can right themselves, but box turtles have a harder time with that than water turtles.

In the interests of expanding the available territory, I cut a hole in my back fence, which opens into an electric line easement where there is more space and not a lot of human activity. Hope Doppelgänger finds it so I don’t come across an empty upside-down turtle shell some day!

Finally, I will leave you with this one, again of Prince…

Prince meets Buddha.

Prince meets Buddha.

Happy fall! And I hope you all have a cozy hibernation spot to go to.